Episode 09: Dublin Ohio – ATD Learning Tech Day

Today’s 5TrainersInACar episode comes to you from Dublin, Ohio (just outside of Columbus). We recorded this directly after “Learning Technology Day” a local ATD Chapter event featuring Debbie Richards & Sam Rogers (2 of the 5 Trainers for the episode). Also in the car is that event’s producer Terri LoGidice, Joe Suarez (who presented a great case study), and the all-important driver Cara North (whose driving skills are put to the test as she narrowly averts a near-collision in the parking lot!).
ATD Columbus ATD Learning Tech Day

Each of us are active trainers and developers of content for workplace learning. Our conversation spans everything from rapid development tools, testing/approvals, user generated video, microphone technique (ala Cindy Crawford?!?), lifelong learning, community connections, and winds up focusing on contributing our Instructional Design skills to the world beyond the workplace. Including the following:
eLearning for Kids
Your Local Food Bank
Humane Society

Thanks for listening! If you’d like to get involved in recording an episode of your own, check out: http://5trainersinacar.thebackstoryproject.com/participate

As you can hear, your audio doesn’t have to be perfect! Understandable is fine 🙂

The 5 Trainers in a Car this episode:






Driver: Cara North @CaraNorth11
Navigator: Debbie Richards @cre8iveii
Backseat: Terri LoGiudice @terrilo44
Joseph Suarez @Joseph_Suarez
Sam Rogers @SnapSynapse


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    […] 5 Trainers in a Car with Debbie, Sam, Joe, and Terri […]

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