Episode 13? Learning Dev Camp 2017

Lucky episode number 13.

This episode of 5 Trainers in a Car comes from Salt Lake City, Utah and Learning Dev Camp.

This one: http://learningdevcamp.com/ not that one:

https://www.elearningguild.com/devlearn/content/5000/devlearn-2017- conference– expo– home/

In this Episode:

In this episode, we share our takeaways from Learning Dev Camp. Two of the guests were new

to Learning Dev Camp, the other two could be considered Learning Dev Camp counselors. Each

of us work in content for workplace learning. Another split with two of us working for

organizations and two running their own learning and development consulting businesses.

We talk about the importance or absence of the “e” in “elearning”, share moments from sessions,

and Katie shares some highlights of her keynote. If you haven’t been to Learning Dev Camp,

consider adding it to your conference list for next year. It’s always in June, it’s always in Salt

Lake, and it’s a small, intimate conference where you can network or cower until your heart is


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**** Hey a quick note from Matt Pierce, one of the founders of 5 Trainers in a Car ****
Hey everyone – we know episodes haven’t been happening for a while. Life is busy, and like everything podcasts and managing rounding up podcast, posts takes time.

So if you want to help out – leave a comment. Want to help be our head drive for a bit — opportunities exist.

I absolutely LOVE the community surrounding 5 Trainers. I love the idea of the conversations. I love the that it brings us together.

So even if we don’t do the podcast, let’s do those things: Come together as a community and have amazing conversations, helping each other better.

Thanks to Cara for this post and everyone else who helps.

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