Episode 2: 10 Second Tips from Training ‘Divas’

One of the best things about good ideas is that, once you plant them, they can grow and become something more than intended! In a lot of ways, that’s exactly what episode two is all about.

About this Episode


Founding member, Maureen Orey, brings us a short 5 Trainers in a Car episode. The five trainers in the car this time met at the local chapter of ATD many moons ago.  Two are Past Presidents and the remaining three are past board members or chapter volunteers. They have labeled themselves the TD Divas and meet regularly for professional and personal networking and support.

The episode runs about 2.5 minutes, and is has some great concise tips.

Who are the 5 Trainers in a Car this episode

Trainers in the car this episode are: Mimi MurrayKaren GarmanSharon LiederLinda Barner, and Maureen Orey

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