Episode 4: Video in eLearning – Raise the bar

We’re back with another DevLearn DevLearn 2016 Logo inspired episode. One of the noticeable features of the Las Vegas strip is lots bright lights and lots of screens. It’s a land grab for attention, in a completely over whelming way – not what we want from our learning probably. However, it made for an interesting backdrop as we got four trainers in a car.

This episode is focused video in L&D, some of the challenges the field is facing. We’re hearing a lot more about about video, how it’s being used, and probably some of the mistakes and issues being made. We had good conversation about video, but there’s a lot more conversation that’s needed.

The 5 Trainers in a Car this episode

Trainers in the car this episode are: Danielle Wallace, Mark LassoffSam Rogers, & Matt Pierce.


Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Danielle and Mark for going out late after a long day at DevLearn. And a HUGE thanks to Sam for providing the car during all of the DevLearn Episodes. He drove to the conference with his nice car for the express purpose of recording episodes and then gave up multiple evenings and gas driving us around. Sam is not only an awesome person, but incredibly knowledgeable. If you’re looking for help with projects, check out Sam’s site: http://snapsynapse.com/

Plus — Sam is the musical genius behind our new intro and exit music!

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  1. Andy says:


    I think there are real metrics with Common Craft – millions of people watching them and not for entertainment. Also, I know that I’ve learned things from them. BTW I wouldn’t personally call them whiteboard videos.

    Lots of talk about objectives – it’s not that easy to write good objectives and they don’t just cover measurable skills. Objectives IMHO are going to be the next big thing, well should be http://whatyouneedtoknow.co.uk/objectives-chasing-tail-next-big-thing/

    Guru – you have to have read at least 3 blogs to call yourself a guru.

    Don’t forget Lynda.com

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