Episode 5: Making Connections and Being Social

We’re back with another episode that came from DevLearn! It brings it back to our more manageable length of around 10 minutes. DevLearn banner

Sam Roger’s grabbed Katie Stroud and JD Dillion on the way to the airport for a quick chat. In this episode the crew discusses the coming together of the social world and real world at Devlearn. Conferences end up being a great mixing ground and reason to be in the same place as the people you have connected with online at some point.

If you’ve struggled with how to manage social media, there are a few tools mentioned in this episode that we’ll list after the audio player.

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A few tools mentioned in this episode:

The 5 Trainers in a Car this episode

Trainers in the car this episode are: Katie Stroud, JD Dillion, & Sam Rogers.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Katie and JD could have taken an Uber or a taxi, but they didn’t, they got a ride from Sam. Thanks to all of them for getting together and being willing to chat.

And, we don’t get tired of saying it: A HUGE thanks to Sam for providing the car during all of the DevLearn Episodes. He drove to the conference with his nice car for the express purpose of recording episodes and then gave up multiple evenings and gas driving us around. Sam is not only an awesome person, but incredibly knowledgeable. If you’re looking for help with projects, check out Sam’s site: http://snapsynapse.com/

Plus — Sam is the musical genius behind our new intro and exit music!

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  1. January 9, 2017

    […] My undergraduate degree was focused on radio broadcasting, so I’ve done a lot of audio work over the years. But I had never done a broadcast from a moving vehicle until I became one of the 5 trainers in a car. […]

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