Episode 7: LMS, SME, and EDU. Oh my!

Episode 7: LMS, SME, and EDU. Oh my!
Guest Author Katie Stroud

5 Trainers selfie Seattle
What do five trainers in a car, Christmas shopping, and downtown Seattle have in common? An old man in a wheelchair who is still alive and unharmed no thanks to the insanity of pre-Christmas traffic in a big city!

Welcome to the next #5trainersinacar episode.

In this Episode

In this episode, we discuss the hassles of LMS, finding the right SMEs, and how our education prepared us for our role in this professional space.

We all know the pain of finding and using an LMS that can do everything we need it to do. Lisa and Victoria share their struggles in switching from one LMS to another, and Brian discusses the idea of scraping the LMS altogether. We all chimed in to suggest that training professionals build the next and last LMS you’ll ever need until Brian brings us back to Earth with the reality that it can’t be that easy to do.

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are valuable to instructional designers, but what if you’re assigned one that doesn’t know the subject matter. Lisa discusses a SME mismatch that lead to missing details for a training session her team built. Brian discusses the importance of a SME with a passion for what he or she does. And Victoria chimes in with the need to make sure that the SME has time scheduled to work with the training team.

Despite our best efforts, timelines, SME mismatches, and clunky LMSs lead to less than ideal outcomes. Brian suggests that taking a more iterative approach can help us with quality, and his colleague, reminds us to follow-up with a post-mortem to help us discover what works and what doesn’t.

As far as education goes some of us don’t use much of what we learned in college to do the work we do now, but Brian found his courses on Organizational Psychology helped a lot. I highlighted the need for us to grow by leveraging our relationships with others and how communications classes helped the most with that. Aside from that, did you know that Lake Washington High School has a kangaroo for a mascot? Suggested as the only school in the US with a kangaroo mascot, I found that there are at least seven schools in the US today that sport the hoppy Kangaroo spirit. Brian was the mascot for his alma mater and took an interest in finding the mascot for a school using his last name: Washburn. If you attended this university in Topeka, Kansas, you would find yourself among the proud Washburn Ichabods!

We hope you enjoy this installment of #5trainersinacar. Please reach out to any of us about questions you might have.

Trainers In This Episode

Episode 7 - 5 Trainers

The trainers:

Katie Stroud, Incremental Success;

Brian Washburn, Endurance Learning*;

Miranda Greenberg, SightLife;

Lisa Otness, Quorum Review;

Victoria Nelson, Quorum Review

The Details

The driver: Katie Stroud
The car: 2007 Toyota 4Runner
The city: Seattle
The date: December 15, 2016
The topics: LMS hassles, subject matter experts (SMEs), education and mascots
*Brian was employed at SightLife during this recording but has moved on to help run things at Endurance Learning.

Safety First & Participate

In a year when we lost so many childhood icons, we didn’t need to lose a man in a wheelchair who was trying to cross the busy streets of downtown Seattle during pre-Christmas shopping. And we didn’t. As I maneuvered through all the one-way streets FULL of pedestrians to pick up our trainers, I managed to pull a little too far into the crosswalk at 4th and Pike at a red light. Once we got everyone safely in the car, we drove to a neighborhood where I used to live so that we could get out of the busy streets of downtown.

Anyone can record a #5trainersinacar episode, but consider safer traffic options such as a quieter time of day and a quieter neighborhood or country road not likely to be full of people and busy traffic.

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  1. Joe Ganci says:

    Coolamundo! Loving the conversations!

  2. Katie Stroud says:

    Thanks, Joe! Glad you enjoyed it.

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