Inaugural Podcast: Post-Conference Transition

Hi everyone!


Welcome to the first episode of 5 Trainers in a Car. This started with a few of us tightly fit into a car returning to our home/hotel from dinner following the 2016 TLDC Conference. Mostly joking around, Matt Pierce pulled out a Tascam record, and thus a podcast journey is born.

In this episode Maureen Orey, Trish Uhl, Shannon Tipton, Chelsey Tipton, and Matt Pierce talk about transitioning away from a conference, what that means, and tips for doing it.

If you’ve ever had the post-conference let down blues, listen up.

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8 Responses

  1. I agree with the ideas of Julian Stodd. How we do harness those within our community?

    • mattpierce says:

      Hi Cheryl, great question. I think we need to continue to share, and engage with one another. That’s the starting point. It’s easily said, but tough to do. But perhaps, this can be one of the vehicles for that (no pun intentional, but love that there is one anyway.) — cheers! Matt

  2. Keith Stoneman says:

    Okay – so HOW DID I MISS THIS! This is great Matt! Our own version of Coffee with Comedians in Cars! Great job by all five of you!

    • mattpierce says:

      Hi Keith – you didn’t miss it. It just happened Wednesday night. I was thinking that it would have been awesome to do this in the Uber we took. And thanks!

  3. I love this. Hi MATT!!!!

    • mattpierce says:

      Hi TRICIA!!! I’m glad you like it. I’ll look for other opportunities to create content, but it will probably have an erratic frequency.

  4. Valerie says:

    Great topic, true for any kind of learning experience. How do we carry our training or learning through, back to default life? One way, stay connected!!

    • mattpierce says:

      Great point! Connectedness is so important, but definitely difficult to do as we go back into our daily routines. What are some of the ways you stay connected?

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