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This episode we talk about making connections and how to get others involved in our training and this podcast. Take a listen to the episode and let us know – how do you get others involved?

When #5trainersinacar started, it wasn’t a planned, or a fully thought out endeavor. We didn’t sit around planning on a bunch of goals and milestones. No one said, hey here’s our mission statement or our rules of operation. It all just happened. Then when DevLearn happened, we said, we should do this.

We just did it. This is a great case of us working out loud. We only had three people, but we had a car and desire. So we went, and we recorded it. I held off on publishing because I wanted to make sure that the other episodes from DevLearn made it out the door first. And then there were more episodes, and I still have two episodes from Training 2017 to edit and publish. But this is a worthwhile effort.

We all have projects that we want to get others involved in or need them involved. How do you do that? How do you get people to feel committed and get them to have ‘skin in the game?’

Upcoming Opportunity – Learning Solutions Conference, Orlando, Flordia. Want to join in? Leave a message in the comments, and we’ll get you connected.

The 5 Trainers in a Car this episode:

Making Connections with Andrea Perry, Sam Rogers, & Matt Pierce Andrea Perry, Sam Rogers, & Matt Pierce.

Here’s the link to the Top Golf MGM that we reference a few times in the podcast.

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2 Responses

  1. Shawn Rosler says:

    I’ve got to get in this car!!!

  2. Shawn Rosler says:

    I’ve got to get in this car!!!

    (Sorry for the re-comment…email was wrong in the first 😫)

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