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5 Trainers in a Car is just starting, and I’m not envisioning it as a weekly event, but that creates a big questions about how to make it easy to access new episodes when they do happen.

In a few weeks I’ll list out some future opportunities for events that I will be attending, that we can record and see who we can round-up to chat. However, there are lots of events and lots of people. If YOU want to create an episode for 5 Trainers in a Car – let me know. We can talk through the process and the how. I would love this to not be about ME, but about about us as a community!! Reach out to me on Twitter @piercemr – let’s chat.

Keep up with new episodes

There’s a couple ways:
1) We’re now on iTunes.
2) I’ll be posting on Twitter and get our guests to do the same.
3) I’ll work on getting on Android’s podcast list
4) Let me know – how would you like to stay connected. Do you want an email subscription?

If you’re into RSS Feeds, you can connect with ours here.

2 Responses

  1. Alisha O'Hara says:

    Ideal for me would be an Audible channel!

    • mattpierce says:

      Hi, Alisha! Thanks for listening! I’ll have to look at Audible’s platform for podcasting. I know they just started offering podcasts not too long ago, but I’m not sure what their submission is. I’m not sure if they are accepting podcasts submissions yet.

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