Make your own episode and contribute to #5trainersinacar

Make your own episode of 5 Trainers in a Car

We want everyone to have a great experience learning and sharing. We want you to help us create something that is bigger than us that reaches out to the entire L&D, training, universe.

There are so many amazing, giving, and interesting people – and we hold no claim over those conversations, and frankly can’t be everywhere and talk with everyone. However, if we all contribute, we can build a gallery of conversations, captured so that we can all benefit.

We want you to contribute your own episode! Below are some guidelines and information that will help you. And if you have questions, ask!

What is the format of the show?
What do we talk about and for how long?
Who should join me in the car?
What does an episode look like?
How do I record an episode?
We’ve recorded, now what?
Get help and Contact for details

What is the format of the show?

As the title suggests, you should have 5 trainers in a car. However, rules are made to be broken. A minimum of 3 people and a max of how many can safely fit in the vehicle. However, the more people in the car, the harder it is to get their thoughts and opinions on your topic. You should probably also be in a car, after all it’s in the name of the podcast. But, I mean, who’s going to be overly picky if you’re on a bus, or on a plane, or space shuttle (Please some one do this, even if it’s a simulator!).
You should designate one person as host. If you’re reading this thinking – “YES! I want to do this!” You are probably good host material. As host, you have a few things to make sure happen, check the suggested episode flow. You are also responsible for the audio file. You’ll make sure the file is saved and shared with 5 Trainers in a Car. We can help teach the necessary editing skills and process for sharing the audio.


What do we talk about and for how long?

Keep it focused to one topic if at all possible. Topics can reach far and wide, and don’t have to be standard L&D type topics, but should relate to the L&D audience. You should also think about your trainers, what are they going to be able to talk about and have a meaningful conversation about? Once you have a topic, don’t over plan. Spontaneity is part of the game. We want the conversations to be authentic. We want the conversations to be fun (and for you to have fun). Even if there are off topic moments, just role with it. Because you’ll be recording in a very unpredictable environment, use the energy and interest of what’s around you to be about connecting with those listening.
There isn’t a right length answer. There are some recommendations and limitations. If you’re car ride is about up or you’re going into a situation where it will be overly noisy or unsafe, that probably ends the episode. (You can always do a part 2 if there’s time). Don’t try to force a particular length, but also don’t just drag it out. Episode 1 came in around something like 12 minutes. It felt like a great length. It could have been shorter, and I’m sure anyone in that car could have contributed a lot more.


Who should join me in the car?

Who do you know? What do they know about? Do you like talking to each other? Do they want to participate. The focus is training and L&D type topics, but other that that I don’t think we know who should be in the car, you tell us. One thing worth noting, I think it seems like a good idea to have someone in the car (part of the 5) who isn’t an expert. Have something that can bring an outside perspective, or a unique perspective.


What does an episode look like?

There isn’t a set workflow for the podcast, but below you’ll find a general outline of what we did for Episode 1. A few are just good practices, and help promote the trainers in the car and the podcast, as well as help others connect.
1. Intro the podcast,
2. Have individuals introduce themselves (at least names, but not too much more)
3. Intro where you are or where you are headed and the topic to be discussed
4. Jump in, have the conversation.
5. Wrap-up the conversation and have everyone share how listeners can connect with them (Twitter, email, website – however the trainer is okay being reached out to).
6 Promote subscribing to the podcast on iTunes or the play store


How do I record an episode?

Recording isn’t and shouldn’t be difficult. For the first episode we used a Tascam DR-05 and it worked really well (better than anticipated). However, that is an expense, and not everyone is going to have one of those. If you have an external mic that can plug into your phone, that might work? Maybe even just try your phone (saw decent success in episode 2). If you have another type of mic, it’s worth testing. You can turn on the recording, check the levels if you can – you don’t want the noise to be coming in at too high of a level, or it will sound distorted, which can’t really be fixed. If you can’t see the levels, run a quick test and make adjustments.

The best microphone is the one you can pull out and not have to worry about a lot of complicated set up to make the recording.

To get the best quality: For each participant, I recommend passing the mic around. The person speaking doesn’t have to hold the mic though. Often times speakers will bring the microphone too close to their mouth, which introduces mouth noise, breathing, and tends too be too much input. So having a person next to them holding the mic isn’t a bad idea. Typically, unless it’s really loud 12 inches isn’t a bad distance, but don’t go any closer than 6 inches.


We’ve recorded, now what?

Awesome! Can’t wait to hear it!!
Okay, so a few things you’ll need to do. Talk with Matt Pierce to get access as a contributor to the blog where the podcast is hosted, if you haven’t already. And then there are 3 main areas of things to do:
1. Edit the audio and prep it for sharing
2. Write the blog post that will provide context, and a bit of information – including who participated.
3. Write/prep a few tweets or very sharable comments so you and your colleagues (and the rest of the #5trainersinacar alumni) can amplify your episode.
4. Once everything is ready to go, we’ll get the episode scheduled for release. And once it’s out the door, share, share, share.
Each of these steps has some details, but don’t worry about that for now, we’ll help you through the entire process.


Get help and contact info

Ready to dive in? Reach out to me through the site, or you can find me on Twitter. I’m also in other places such as LinkedIn.