Why This Podcast & Why Now?

What’s with a podcast in a car?

5 Trainers in a Car didn’t start with planned mission or objective. It started truly as a stroke of genius, with someone (Shannon Tipton?!) mentioning that 5 trainers in a Car sounds like a good podcast name. And with that and the happenstance of having a digital recorder on hand, we recorded the first episode.

A few things that contributed to making this possible. One was the completion of The TLDC conference. The conference as a whole did a fantastic job of bringing people together. The inclusiveness of conversation, the desire of the participants to connect and solve added to the feeling of community and sharing.

During that first recording, we literally started it because we could. It was fun. It was an opportunity to talk, to share. Given that we were in a convertible with the top down, we literally had no idea if the audio would even work. Low and behold, the audio worked out, and the podcast began.

5 Trainers in a Car written on a car

What’s our goal?

Now that we’re two episodes in, let’s be clear about the goal of the 5 Trainers in a Car podcast. First and foremost, the podcast is about sharing. As the title implies, the focus is on Training, and Learning & Development topics. It’s also about coming together. It’s actually probably easier to have 2 or 3 Trainers in a Car (and maybe some episodes will) but by coming together we hear various perspectives and thoughts, and hopefully we all learn together.

We want the conversations to be interesting, relevant, and fun, however, they don’t have to be with the same 5 trainers. It’s actually unlikely that we’ll all be in the same car again soon. We’d like to see the concept spread through the community of trainers, IDs, L&D (and all the related groups), to create their own episodes, and engage together around the conversations we’re all having.

This is where you come in…

We want you to create your episode of 5 Trainers in a Car! Join us in this movement, and help create an episode. Why? So we can learn from you! You have a contribution to make to the field, and we want to learn from you and the group your running with. You can talk about lots of different topics, maybe it’s the challenges your group faces, maybe it’s tips about how to be better in a particular area, etc…

We created a page that gives some ideas on how you can create your own episode here.

Not ready to create an episode? Find some folks who are, and help them record. Or maybe you can help write or edit audio, or create visuals for episodes & blog posts.

If that’s even more than you can commit to do, at the very least, help us keep spreading the word. Tweet about us with #5Trainersinacar, post on LinkedIn, share on Facebook (anyone on G+?). You can also simply like, retweet, and comment on the works that come out.

Let’s make something the L&D/Training world can be proud of. Let’s not just settle for another thing, but for a movement that brings us together and helps us to be better and be better connected.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or in the Google Play store.

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